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Debora Cohen

Debora Cohen Yoga InstructorMany injuries including head injuries were a part of Debora's experience that led to a high level of body awareness. She also experienced neck and back pain from her previous profession as a dental assistant. This motivated her 30-year career as a fitness professional so she could learn to help her self and others by staying strong and fit.
In 1998, Debora graduated from San Jose State University with honors in psychology, and twice published in professional journals. Her post-graduate education includes over 100 doctoral hours and 300 clinical practicum hours through the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology's PhD program in clinical psychology.

Debora studied under many master-teacher yoga instructors during her 18 years of teaching yoga, completing her international yoga training in 2007. Debora's holistic health care applies the yoga therapy teachings of Krishnamacharya through his son Desikachar. Her wide range of yoga studies includes Yin, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, restorative Yoga and Yoga therapy.Debora completed the IAM-Integrated Amrita Meditation Technique in Kerala, India, and she is a Master-Instructor IET Energy Therapist, clearing and balancing the Chakra System

During her 14 year career in private practice, Debora works with clients assisting them through life's changes, stress and pain management, transpersonal health of mind-body-heart, and psychospiritual and physical issues. Debora offers a free 20 minute phone consultation.

If you are looking to make changes in your life and wish to see your intentions manifest in physical reality or looking for support with specific problems do not wait any longer. Perhaps you are going through mid life changes or have a particular stressful carrier or relationship, do not let your fears hold you back. Contact Debora at (408) -219-7036, or email her at









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Private Yoga

Fees: $150.00 per session

Your first exploratory session is $150, which will last about 60-75 minutes. We will asses intentions or any problems to address. This is a full session and is used for periodic healing sessions or sessions with new intentions.

Follow up sessions that are done once or twice a week immediately after the initial session. These sessions are $85 per 35-45 minutes. For example, intentions such as wight loss, health issues, recovery from injuries, depression (etc) will need ongoing weekly or twice weekly sessions. Remember these sessions are used to bring about healing and balance in the mind on all layers and levels. These are not considered full sessions and are not used as periodic healing sessions.

I do offer packages for ongoing yoga sessions and other discounts according to financial challenges.

Contact Debora at 408-219-7036 or email: She will contact you for an appointment and arrange Payment through Paypal if you choose to use a credit card. You may also pay by cash, check or money order.



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